Picture Library

As well as operating magiccarpics.co.uk, a classic car and motoring stock image library of my own, I have contacts at many of the major UK-based picture archives such as Beaulieu, LAT and Bauer. I can supply images for most post-war cars – even if they’re quite obscure. If I can’t provide you with what you need from my own library, I can work on a consultancy basis to find the images you need.

One of my specialities is concept cars, while low-volume cars and weird and wonderful conversions are other favourites – but mainstream is no problem either. At the top of this page are examples of the type of thing I can supply – but there are over 250,000 other images to choose from, around 100,000 of which are already live on Magic Car Pics. I can offer:

  • Brochure scans
  • Contemporary adverts
  • Magazine covers
  • Period publicity shots
  • Press shots
  • General motoring images