If you’re trying to find out something about a post-war road car – whether it’s how many were made, how fast it went or you need a full road test – I can sort it out for you. My own archive covers pretty much anything from 1945 to this week, and it’s all catalogued on computer so I can find anything at the press of a button.

If you want to know about group tests, long-term tests, features or news pieces, just get in touch. Alongside thousands of books and brochures, I can draw on the following. They’re all complete sets, with the exception of what’s listed in the literature wanted page:

  • Autocar (from 1945)
  • Car (from 1962)
  • Car Week (not catalogued)
  • Classic Cars
  • Classic & Sportscar
  • Complete Car
  • Evo
  • Fast Lane
  • Motor (from 1959)
  • Performance Car
  • Popular Classics
  • Practical Classics
  • Top Wheels
  • World Sportscar
  • Your Classic

As well as these magazines I’ve got all sorts of other weird and wonderful stuff. If it’s data you’re after, I’ve also got the following sets of contemporary books:

  • Automobile Revue (1960-2008, incomplete)
  • Auto Parade & Auto Universum (1957-1969)
  • Glass’s Checkbooks (1938-2008)
  • Observer’s Automobiles (1955-1992)
  • World Cars (1963-1985)